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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

One Hundred Not Out!

I began this blog in the summer of 2010, a lead-up to the publication of A Blonde Bengali Wife (and, as it happens, the birth of my little boy, Simon).  'Time flies' is a cliché and feels so wrong during those more challenging days/weeks/months - when it all but stands still - but looking back over the last five years, I am certainly joining that middle-aged (no...never...help!) chorus of wondering where the years have gone?

We're often poor at concentrating more on what we haven't done rather than what we have. During my Family Group Conference work (a whole other story) I learned and taught that listing the positives in a situation is not only vital to present well-being and future planning, but that's it often very surprising - and affirming.  Do it, and it's likely you've achieved far more than you thought, and okay, they might be small things (getting the baby bathed before you and he fall asleep, writing a regular, brief, blog post) or ones that don't feel very central to your main goal of  world domination, but hey - you've still achieved them: reflect and celebrate!

So - timely in this the 100th blog post - what have I actually done over the last five years?  I have a beautiful, spirited, adorable and maddening son... and we still, on average, laugh more than we cry. I've seen A Blonde Bengali Wife published, and selling. I've finished and submitted my PhD ( yes, really - for those of you snorting in disbelief ). I'm a Trustee of a very special charity in Bhola's Children, and have had the privilege of several visits back to Bangladesh (and some other great countries) I've met some talented and fascinating writers who have allowed me to work on their novels with them, and am subsequently watching their many successes.  I've taken on the editorship of local on-line magazine, Lothian Life...

I'm stopping there.  It's turning equally into a living obituary and the type of acknowledgements page where the author thanks everyone from their dog to their chosen deity and still misses someone out.  And it also means that at least six more people are going to ask me, 'What Next?' to which the answer is, for the present, 'more of the same'.  Why change what I love... until something else I'll love comes along!

One thing I would like to say, though, is a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped me (and Simon) get this far.  I'm a writer without the words to describe the importance of family and friends but hopefully you know who you are and what you mean to us (even when we drive you mad).  And, when I make it rich and famous, I'll remember you, okay?  Hmm, maybe that's the next five year plan...

Anne x

PS Go on, write your own list of achievements big and small.  I dare you...



  1. Certainly my biggest achievement this week was reaching the halfway point in my novel... yay! I might even finish it!

  2. Hi Anne..

    Great blog post, congrats on it being your 100th one and on all your achievements....

    I think my biggest achievements are; writing Finding Destiny and seeing it all the way to publication. Finishing book two and almost finishing book three,,, And feeling like I'm growing as a writer...

    I hope you're well..

    Take care..