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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Cool For Summer

Since this is the first summer in five years that I've not had a PhD to write, I've taken to reading on the various planes, trains and automobiles across America - and the Kindle has finally come into its own. 

I've been editing and proof-reading some more very good novels-in-progress (watch this space) and one that's out and about right now is Victoria Murray's debut 'Live Hate Die'.  Vicky has chosen to go the self-published e-book route in order to get the finished novel out there as soon as possible.  Take a look at the link:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Live-Hate-Die-Victoria-Murray-ebook

Vicky's book has challenged a lot of my preconceptions about certain genres!  It's the story of Jake Devlin, lead singer in an up-and-coming heavy metal band.  He just happens to be haunted by a ghost (a real one, not a metaphorical one) from his troubled past and when paranormal investigator, Tayla MacRae, sets out to help him, things get complicated...  Essentially, Live Hate Die (the name of Jake's group) is a horror novel, and I know lots of people like me, who would simply say they don't read horror.  Well, I did read it.  And I'm glad I did. Good plot, good characterisation, good writing.  And I'm sure Vicky won't mind if you read the end through half-closed eyes...!

Also highly recommended, is Marianne Wheeleghan's second crime novel.   In 'The Shoeshine Killer', DS Louisa Townsend has moved from Edinburgh to work for the Kiribati Police Service on Tarawa, a remote coral island in the Pacific Ocean.  Locally, she is known as the Scottish Detective Lady....  Marianne owns the hugely successful Writing School www.writingclasses.co.uk and still has time to write!  More at: http://www.mariannewheelaghan.co.uk/ 
Finally, remaining in crime mode, take a look at SJI Holliday's 'Black Wood'.  Wonderfully reviewed by fellow writer, Kendra Olson, in Lothian Life (www.lothianlife.co.uk) it's set in a fictional location that locals amongst you might recognise as Haddington.  It's Susie's debut and it is gripping. Visit: https://www.sjiholliday.com 
When I've managed to put these novels down, I've been tweeting.  Sort of.  The chance to pitch my own novel to Curtis Brown Creative (leading literary agents) at #PitchCB gave me the impetus to activate my Twitter account only four years after I set it up... and it diverted me from that mode of torture that all fiction-writers face at some point: The Synopsis.  Yes, folks, to all of you whose synopses I have pulled apart, cluttered with DYN?s and grudgingly 'approved', it's payback time.  It's hard.  It's really hard. Really, really hard. 
Maybe I should post mine up here and let you all at it with a red pen...
I hope August brings you all a beautiful month of summer
Anne x


  1. Hi Anne, thanks so much for kind mention of The Shoeshine Killer here and writingclasses. Much appreciated. Also for sharing details about the other novels. Like you I am not a horror fan but i too have got Victoria's novel, i couldn't resist it. And I've also downloaded Black Wood after reading Kendra' Olsen's excellent review. I'm looking forward to reading both of them just as soon as Ive finished reading Kendra's wonderful novel The Forest KIng's daughter, just as well I am still on holiday. Congrats on finsihing your PhD! What an achievement! Good luck with the Curtis Brown thing, it sounds stressful and hard but doable ;) And look forward to reading more posts - and that synopsis :)

  2. Hi Anne.

    Great blog post... Good luck with your synopses. I too have 'Live Die Hate' on my kindle to read. And have read Marianne's novel and really enjoyed it. I also loved Kendra's article she has a great way with word.. :)

    Have a wonderful week.