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Thursday, 20 January 2011

January Blues

It's as if I'm 10 years old again and have been asked to write a diary in school; by day four the scintillating content reduced to 'got up, did nothing, ate dinner, went to bed...' So there's not a great deal to report on the book front and whilst I should be creative enough to think of some witty, writerly anecdotes, I'm not.  I'm too busy singing Incy-wincy spider at a hundred decibels in a vain attempt to distract Simon from noticing I'm trying to get him dressed.  (He's a naturist in the making, doesn't believe in clothes).  Or I'm displaying my nipples in more places than the average glamour model in order to feed him.  It's all more than worth it of course, it just means I get to the end of the day wondering why I didn't do anything about the publicity, marketing, interest etc in A Blonde Bengali Wife, or indeed, continue writing the next work-in-progress...

Zetta, the publisher, tells me she's entered the book for two awards, the Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction and the Dolman Travel Award, so that's something.

Meanwhile, I'm off to learn some more nursey rhymes.  And I'll be inspired tomorrow, surely!

Friday, 14 January 2011

What people are saying...

And these are reviews from people I don't even know - thank you!

Dearbhaile said on Facebook:

'Just wanted to say that I loved, loved, loved 'a blonde Bengali wife!!!" It's been a while since I got into a book like that and couldn't put it down. Haven't laughed so much in ages. As they say: I maximum enjoyed!'

Juliet in an email to the friend who sent her the copy said:

'...how much I'm enjoying this book. Anne Hamilton has a wonderfully amusing way of writing and "turn of
phrase" describing some of the almost ludicrous situations she, and Christine, find themselves in! Thank you so much'

And Moira, also via an email:

'Thanks for letting me know about this book of Anne Hamilton’s.  I don’t think I know Anne but her book is marvellous.  Having bought a copy for myself I will also buy it for any other friend who has travelled off the beaten track.  Anne captures the experience wonderfully – the ‘miscomprehensions’ (her lovely and precise phrase), the funny bits, the astonishing bits, the hassle, the cultural connections – all of it in such a well-written and funny way.'

It's strange to think of the book being read somewhere out there, but I'm delighted that it is, and to hear what (good and bad) people think.  I might write another, or rather finish the one I began once in another pre-Simon lifetime!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year, New Start?

A very happy, if belated, new year to you all!

I'm not sure how we can be thirteen days into January and this is my first posting for a month.  So much for that new year, new start philosophy in which I intended to get ahead in all things writing/work/study... Still, a wonderful Christmas with Simon and yes, he did wear a little Santa suit despite my protestations about dressing babies up.  It's all Julie's fault for seeing it in the charity shop window, and it was just the right size, and, and, and, excuses galore... but: cute or what????

And the stocking is All My Own Work, yes I know, I should stick to writing.  But I'm proud of it.  Oh dear, doting mother moment!

It seems that quite a lot of people gave or got A Blonde Bengali Wife for Christmas; sales from Alaska to Nicaragua, from the south of England to the north of Scotland.  Not all of them will become doorstops or fly-flatteners, surely!