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Friday, 31 August 2012

Living Vicariously

August has been a month of achievements.  Not mine, I (shamefully) hasten to add, and if I can't stand up and be counted for my contribution to life, love and world peace, I will happily do the counting of those who can...

On the 15th, Simon had his second birthday and fell madly in love with Elmo (the red one from Sesame Street; I had to look it/him up too).  Life now reverberates to the sound of Elmo's World, a catchy little ditty along the lines of 'da da da dah, da da da dah, Elmo's World...' that lingers in the head FOREVER.  In Simon's current favourite book, Elmo has an ice-cream.  This makes him (Simon that is; I can't speak for Elmo) deliriously happy because the only thing that can push Elmo into second place in Simon's World is ice cream.  Sadly, the only thing that makes him deliriously unhappy is me never being able to sculpt a lifelike Elmo from PlayDough... Congratulations, Simon!

Also on the 15th, was my brother's fortieth birthday (cheers, old man, catching me up), and over in Bhola our beautiful carpenter Monira gave birth to a hale and hearty baby boy.  Congratulations Monira and Montu!

Over in the writing world, some of my work involves editing, mentoring, advising and tutoring.  For the last few months I've been working with Ghillian on her wip.  Okay, okay, let's be honest here, it's Ghillian who has done the work, I've just been prompting and encouraging and enjoying the regular instalments.  But earlier this week Ghillian finished the first polished draft of her first novel - now there is an achievement (note to self: follow this excellent example) and definitely one worth shouting about.  Congratulations, Ghillian!

And an equally special mention goes to Katie, another talented writer, who has not only knocked down but absolutely pulverised all obstacles in her way to complete a number of unique short stories - and I don't doubt there are more to come. Congratulations, Katie!

So, here's me, basking (shamelessly) in their glory, saying over and out to August, and making all kinds of resolutions for September...

da da da dah, da da da dah, Elmo's World, da da da dah, da... AARGHHH

Friday, 3 August 2012

Missed the (MADD) boat!

Missed opportunity, anyone...?

I just received a lovely email from a reader who said he had been given a copy of ABBW after seeing it listed in:

THE MADS 2012: 'Celebrating the UK's Best Mum and Dad blogs'.


I have no idea who nominated me in several categories, and shamefully, I had no idea that these awards even existed - or else I would definitely have been shamelessly canvassing votes.  The voting period is well gone and the finalists announced - congratulations to all!  There are some great stories out there,a dn ones that make me wonder whether my blog was really that eligible...

However, thank you to the person(s) who nominated me - feel free to do so again next year and I'll try to have my eye on the ball!!